By Prof. Dr. Johan Hofkens

The emerging field of nano-science/nano technology has been driven by and requires the development of novel tools/techniques for observing at the nanoscale. A prominent tool for such studies with a highly non-invasive character is single molecule microscopy. Optical spectroscopy/microscopy at the ultimate limit of a single molecule has grown over the past decades into an extremely powerful technique for exploring the individual nano-scale behavior of molecules in situ and in real time in complex local environments. Observing a single molecule removes the usual ensemble average, allowing the exploration of hidden heterogeneity in complex condensed phases as well as direct observation of dynamic changes, without synchronization.

The research vision of the Hofkens laboratory can be best described by a quote from ‘Chemistry for the next decade and beyond’, commissioned by the UK Engineering and Physical Research council EPSRC a few year ago: “new (chemical) insight is generated in laboratories where unique instrumentation is being developed”. The Hofkens lab has been an active proponent of this view but has gone way beyond building unique equipment by applying the instrumentation on a wide variety of timely and societal relevant topics. Browsing this website you will find out how the lab is supporting and contributing to this view!



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