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High-Throughput, Fast Widefield Imaging

This Olympus widefield microscope modality is able to operate in epifluorescence and Total Internal Reflection (TIRF) mode. It is equipped with four Olympus Cell 200mW diode lasers: 405nm, 488nm, 561nm and 640nm. Furthermore, the microscope is equipped with a high precision Märzhäuser SCAN IM 120 x 100, enabeling sample scanning for high-throughput imaging as well as reliable timelapse acquisition thanks to it's low thermal drift.

The Hamamatsu ImagEM X2-CCD camera ensures quality signal detection at a max. 70 frames (full-frame) per second. This makes the setup ideal for quantitative low-light imaging using  long integration times and high speed image acquisition.

This microscope finds its main use in optical DNA mapping. TIRF illumination lends itself perfectly for imaging the ultra flat, streched DNA samples. Through automated imaging, gigabases of genomic material are imaged in a matter of minutes.

Front view of the cellSens setup

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